Accept the challenge “Cave Adventure”

Quick Details

  • Category Adventure
  • Transportation from meeting place
  • Meeting Time:  6:00 am / Returning Time: 5:00 pm
  • Park La Ventana al Mar
  • Minimum age to participate 18 years
  • Certified guides
  • Fridays, Saturdays and some Sundays.
  • A day of FUN

Trip Description

Aventuras chief objective is to provide all participants with a day of FUN through adventures that are both exciting and challenging. Rappelling, climbing, swimming, via ferratas, free jumps, body rafting and exhilarating zip-lines all in one full invigorating day.

NO experience is necessary. But words of advice… do not compare us with other adventure tour companies. You might fool yourself! Others can serve as warm-ups or slightly test you for the real thing. Ours is a hard-core adventure. This is for real! It is physically demanding and requires sharp and attentive participants. You will be scrambling under and over boulders in blackness only aided by your headlamp and physical abilities.  You will be trained and required to climb hundreds of feet and to make the safety clips on your own. You will have your life, literally, in your own hands.

Our guides are trained and certified professionals and will assist and prepare you for the adventure.

However, if you think you are ready, you can go straight for a once in a lifetime Caving challenge that will guarantee to reward you with an intoxicating adrenaline rush.

A Taste of Things to Come!

You will explore Angeles’ Cave, part of the famous Rio Camuy cave system in its truly natural state. As the only company with the rights to access we assure a pristine underground gem. Put on your lamped helmet, buckle your life jacket, don your harness… and now you’re ready for a once in a lifetime caving experience.

Geared and psyched up, you’ll start a series of zip-lines and soar over the great Angeles’ sinkhole of the Río Camuy cave system. As you enjoy the excitement you’ll also become part of the surreal beautiful setting of nature’s own moss-and-fern wall paper embellishing everything, birds flying below, rising mist and the rumbling of the river that will enticingly catch your eye, as it magically appears and disappears into the underground world.

To add more excitement, the zip-lines are linked by sections of via ferrata, techniques that were developed during World War I to access high places via vertical pathways equipped with cables, metal rebars and ladders.

Topping this off, you will be engulfed by the enormous mouth of the incomparable Angeles Cave as you nervously rappel 130 feet into its twilight zone.

Inside the cave you’ll thrill to the adventure of exploring its large chambers, traveling its subterranean rivers and wondering, perhaps with a touch of uneasiness, what’s around the next corner.  You’ll be awed at the cave’s huge stalagmites and stalactites, and other strange formations developed over eons of calcite water drippings. Other geological marvels you’ll encounter are the sparkling crystal clear pools and the abundant fossils of sea creatures that lived millions of years ago. Mud slides, body rafting, free jumps into darkness, and other exciting surprises await you.

More to come, exit the sinkhole by climbing the exposed via ferrata section that will take you to the end of your journey and

reward you with a true and strong sense of accomplishment.

This is living life to the fullest!

  • Transportation from meeting place.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.
  • certified guides and our unique touch of entertainment.


Sandwiches, fruits, cookies or energy bars and liquids in plastic containers. These can also be bought during the morning coffee stop. A small backpack will be provided to transport your snacks during the adventure. Also bring a complete change of clothes including shoes and towel.


Wear synthetic materials. No jeans or sweatshirts. Long pants are better than shorts. Hot pants look sexy but definitely not recommended. Wearing a bathing suit under your clothe is a good idea, ripped pants are very common. Rash guards are the best.  No sleeveless shirts or tank tops. 


Light hiking boots with good friction are the best.  Sneakers are satisfactory. Socks are a must, without them the sand will grind your feet. No shoes with elastic cords or without laces. Do not wear water booties, aqua shoes or sandals.

The mud will suck them off. Leave at home those old boots that have been sitting in your closet a long time, they will come apart. Trust us!


Participants must be physically active, have good endurance, good balance and coordination, know how to swim, and be able to move at a fast pace.


You cannot participate if you are: extremely overweight (maximum waist 42”, thigh 26”), aquaphobic, have a cardiac condition or respiratory ailment,  have a weak immune system, are subject to epileptic seizures, have a weakness or medical problems with your legs, are pregnant, are hearing impaired or require hearing aids, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 


There is no maximum age limit. However, most participants around the age of 60 usually cannot keep up the required pace, cope with the harsh terrain, and regularly do not complete the adventure. This usually slows everyone down and can result in a safety hazard. 


Sleep well the night before. Not doing so could create a safety hazard and you might not be allowed to participate (no refunds). Have a good breakfast at home or make sure you eat something when we do our morning stop at a local bakery for last minute supplies.


Our exciting adventure requires physically fit participants with healthy inmune system. Your safety and enjoyment will depend greatly on following your guide’s instruction, although this DOES NOT necessary guarantee the safety parameters of these activities. Mud, darkness, irregular and unstable paths, rock slides, rivers that may surge at any given moment, natural traps created by logs, branches and rocks, falling objects, insect bites, diseases, cliffs and human error among others, are some hazards that you may encounter in the fantastic world of adventure.


No refunds or credits will be issued for cancellations made once the reservation has been processed, or no-shows the day of the adventure. No partial refunds or credits will be issued if the participant is unable to complete the adventure or if the guides refuse your participation for any safety reasons. Aventuras Tierra Adentro reserves the right to cancel an activity if the minimum amount of participants is not completed 12 hours before the adventure, or for safety reasons. Should this be necessary, you will receive a full credit or refund.


$175 p/person

 +Taxes & fees $30.62

Full payment is required to make the reservation.


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