Vieques island the best preserved Bio Bay in the world

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  • Category Nature
  • 4:45 pm – Boat check in
  • Dificulty Easy
  • Boat back to Ceiba at 10:00 pm .
  • Sandwich, Water or Soda
  • 5 hrs Tour – 2hrs Kayaking tour

Trip Description

The best way to see Mosquito Bay and save money and time is booking through Fixatrip Puerto Rico! We are the only company that will take you from the mainland out to Vieques and have you back at your hotel by midnight!

Don’t keep searching because it will always bring you back to us. We have exclusivity on this amazing tour of the most preserved Bio Bay, so you can enjoy this unique natural phenomenon of nature!

Take a boat ride to Vieques, home of the brightest and best protected Bio-luminescent Bay. The World famous Mosquito Bay is home of the Pyrodinium Bahamense, the single-celled organism responsible for this amazing and magic glow. There are no words to fully describe how amazing glow of the Bio Bay really is. The Bio Bay is a must see phenomenon!

Vieques is undoubtedly the brightest and best bio-luminescent bay in the world.

Tests have shown that the Bio-luminescent Bay in Vieques contains around 720,000 bio luminescent organisms per gallon of water. This concentration is so great that if you splash the water it will cause them to emit enough light so you could read the print on a book in the dead of night. If you dip your hands in the water, it will drip crystals of light like tiny sparkling diamonds.

  • Round trip transportation
  • Sunset Boat Ride from Ceiba to Vieques
  • Bio Bay Tour in glass bottom kayaks
  • Sandwich, Water or Soda
  • Safety rules, paddle training & life jackets
  • 2 people per kayak (combined weight of up to 450 lbs.)
  • Water shoes or flip flops
  • Swimsuits already on
  • Towels and change of clothes
  • Water camera (optional)
  • Long sleeved T-shirt or a long sleeved surf shirt


  • 2 hrs kayaking tour
  • You kayak in a lagoon no open ocean
  • 1 person on their own, the guides will assign you a partner
  • 4:45 pm – Boat check in
  • From 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm – Sunset boat Ride to Vieques
  • From 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm – Transportation from the Pier to the Kayak check in
  • Boat back to Ceiba at 10:00 pm


  • Eating, drinking or smoking inside our natural reserve is prohibited
  • Swimming is not allowed. From April 2009, the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) prohibited this activity to protect the micro-organisms (“dinoflagellates”) living in the Bio-Bay.
  • The tour is not cancelled on rainy days
  • Only available on dates on booking calendar, our dates take into account the lunar schedule ( we do not go out on the full moon cycle )
  • Ages 5 years and up (pregnant women beyond their 5 month, people with epilepsy, back problems, recently undergone surgery, or have a heart condition, not recommended)
  • Tours must be cancelled before 48 hours for full refund. Those cancelled 24 hrs before receive a 50% refund, cancellations on the the same day of tour  are not entitled to refunds 

This pick up time might change. Any changes you will be notified.

  • Old San Juan, Pickup at 2:45 pm in Plaza Colón (Be there 10 minutes before)
  • Convention Center Hotel District, Pickup at 2:45 pm (Be at hotel lobby 10 minutes before)
  • Condado Hotel District, Pickup at 3:00 pm (Be at hotel lobby 10 minutes before)
  • Ocean Park, Pickup at 3:20 pm in Kasalta Bakery (Be there 10 minutes before)
  • Isla Verde Hotels, Pickup at 3:30 pm (Be at hotel lobby 10 minutes before)
  • Luquillo, Rio Grande Hotels, Fajardo Hotels, Meet us at CVS in Fajardo at 4:45  pm

Your health is our top priority, and we have put special measures in place to keep all guests safe both during and after your activity.

  • Stringent Cleaning – We’ve increased the frequency of disinfecting surfaces and high traffic areas between each tour, and hand sanitizer will be available to all of our guests.
  • Social Distancing – Guests will stay at a safe 6-foot distance during all points of the tour. We also ensure that all staff members will be wearing the necessary PPE.
  • Wellness Checks – Employees receive daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free. If you or anyone in your group is experiencing symptoms, we will work directly with you to cancel or reschedule your tour.


$95 p/p Adults

Groups +7 persons 10% discount

+ Tax & Fees


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Call to +1 787-630-3684 for more details

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